Rakes and Tedders

Renowned for their high-quality machinery, CLAAS manufacture tedders that will allow you to make the most of your harvest.

The CLAAS LINER will put you in an advantageous position ahead of baling. The LINER features a continuously lubricated and hermetically sealed gearbox and cam tracks, rotors with fully floating 3D suspension and a four or six-wheel chassis. As such, the LINER provides perfect three-dimensional ground-contour following.

Forage harvesting machinery should work efficiently and with precision. The CLAAS LINER will deliver on both, even on undulating ground. Many choose the CLAAS LINER 3600 to achieve high levels of productivity. The 3600 works quickly, fitted with the 18-to-12 mowing strategy to dramatically reduce the number of passes made.

We also supply the CLAAS VOLTO tedders. Each VOLTO features MAX SPREAD to provide a 29.3o angle arrangement of the spreader arms. As a result, the machine delivers high raking output alongside optimum spread pattern. The VOLTO features PERMALINK driver concept, ensuring a continuous power transfer.

The VOLTO model will also minimise drying times, which facilitates higher levels of productivity and benefits larger harvest operations. Trailed or three-point hitching technology with working widths of 5.2 to 13m are also available, resulting in superior performance and operating comfort.

You can find your nearest McCARTHY in Carrigtwohill or Lisavaird. You can also contact us here.

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